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Monday, December 28, 2009

6 lessons I learned from my mom

A few months ago I heard a talk given in church that included 10 things that the speaker had learned from his mother. I started thinking about the lessons that I learned from my mother at first I couldn't think of any. Slowly I began to realize some of the lessons I learned from her and thus is the list that follows.

1. Hard work is part of life.
As a kid we all worked hard. We all had chores. We had a huge and I do mean huge garden. It all started in May with tilling and getting the soil ready. Then it was time to plant, weed and then harvest and of course after harvesting we canned! It seems like there was always work to be done outside. I hated it! I always tried to get out of the outdoor work by offering to do the house cleaning.

2. A can do attitude will help you throughout your life.
My mom was a high school dropout at the age of 16. She worked hard at many different jobs through out her life. When I was about 10, she decided to get her GED. She passed and got her diploma. Not only did she pass but she did really well getting a top score. At that point she realized that she wasn't stupid and that dyslexia would no longer hold her back. School wasn't easy for her but she persisted with a desire to gain education and make her life better. After her GED success she enrolled in a program through the state of Maine to get her LPN certification. Then she continued schooling until she got her RN and then a Masters in Nursing. School became a very important part of her life.

3.Hobbies are an important part of enjoying life.
My mom was an artist. She loved to paint. She wasn't able to paint as much as she would have liked as a younger women. She became more prolific in her later years. She adorned her home with her art. I gained an appreciation for finding that creative outlet that gives you joy and makes you feel alive.

4. I learned from my mother that I will not crumble, that strength is something you choose.
I live with pre-teen and teen girls I have heard way more than my share of Milley Cyrus. I must admit I love her song I learned from you. It reminds me of mom. My mom was strong. She had a hard and difficult life. Life was full of challenges and she met each one with determination and grace. Mom taught me that you keep moving, you get up everyday and you do what is expected and necessary.

5. Care for others.
My mom was always taking in strays. If you didn't have a place to go moms door was always open. She was always taking people under her wing, befriending and helping in any way she could. It was who she was. She nurtured and loved others.

6. You are never to old to change.
My mom was almost 30 when she got her GED and went back to school. Many would have thought she was too old. She changed her life again when she joined the LDS church at the age of 37. At the age of 41 she finally quit smoking for good.

At the very young age of 54 my mother passed away. She will forever be missed but she is a part of all who knew her and learned from her!


Dena Moon Clinger said...

I loved reading this! Thank you for sharing. What a great post!

Happy Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. That was nice. I've learned some of these things from her daughter, too.

It Just Fitz said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. How wonderful that she lives on with those things she has lived and taught, through you and your beautiful daughters. I'm sure she is so proud of the woman you have become.

Jenni said...

Bless your heart, Tina. You know how I love you and cherish your friendship. You learned those things from your mother and they became part of your life. You are a great exapmles of all those qualities. Our moms were a lot alike!!

Sandrine said...

Great post... Thanks for sharing. what a great example you had!