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Thursday, April 3, 2008

senior pics and kindy registration

Wow what a week! I finally had Aaron's senior pictures taken. he went kicking and screaming, insisting that he didn't need a haircut. But we cut his hair and got some great pics. The photographer was awesome. She even got a few character shots that really shows his personality. As we finish Aaron's senior year of high school we are getting Lydia ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. One in college and one in kindergarten. As my brother says, "Who does that , that is just crazy" Yeah it may be crazy but it is our reality. Lydia is so excited to go to school. When we visited the school for registration they let her visit with the kindergarten teachers in their rooms. One of the teachers asked if she was writing her name and if she used a capital letter for the first letter and smaller ones for the rest. She didn't say anything but came home and started making sure that she wrote her name properly. She is so ready for school and I am so ready for Aaron to go to college!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Everyone's doing it!

Although the above sentence didn't work on my parents in this case it seems to be true. Everyone is bloging. So I'm going to try it too! Most of the circus is night skiing and the house is quiet for now. I'm getting ready for Easter dinner tomorrow and filling Easter eggs! -well I will be as soon as I get off the computer! We've already had two egg hunts ( friends house, community) really three is overkill but we have to do one for the grandparents to see! Off to fill eggs!