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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's the climb

Monday While driving to the oncologist office Troy made the comment that this has been a long road. It has, but the thought came to me that it's been more like a climb or a hike up a mountain.We started out with a pretty steep incline as we did the first 9 weeks of chemo. We had a break where we were able to rest and enjoy life. Like a walk through a beautiful meadow, a respite in our climb. We were able to look around and feel the sun on our faces, see the wildflowers, the beauty of the trees. Next came surgery, once again we are climbing. Some days are steeper than others but we still have an appreciation for all that is beautiful around us.

We have had so many people serve us in so many amazing ways. Sometimes the extreme thoughtfulness of the act of service reminds me of how much Heavenly Father knows us and what are needs are. Truly so many have been his hands. We also have been the beneficiaries of countless prayers and fasting and we feel the sustaining power that is prayer. It is the beauty we get to view as we climb.

Now we are on our final trudge up the hill, as we move forward we can see the end of the trail. We know that around the final bend we will be able to see the view at the top. We know it's worth the hike.

At the top of our journey through cancer is the hope of being cancer free and being able to sit and enjoy the view.