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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the great spring break makeover is done....


I have a few pillows to sew and some decoration to do. But generally it's done and the rest will be finished over the next few weeks.

The biggest project was my new TV unit.
Did I mention that I built it!!! All by myself! I got the plans from the blog Knockoffwood. I suggest you go over and have a look at her designs. Then I saw a post on the blog shanty2chic where she outlined everything that she did to build the same unit. Hers has more parts. Reading Shanty2chic blog gave me great confidence. So on day one I headed over to home depot with a diagram of how I wanted my first sheet of MDF cut. I used all MDF except for the trim pieces. The HD worker Stefan did a great job cutting my pieces he was very meticulous! Which I appreciated because it's really important for the boards to be cut square! If you go to the Layton Home Depot ask for Stefan.

Then the work began. I used Decking screws, and lots of gorilla glue! to hold everything together.

I have one tip that could make things easier and that would be to borrow a couple of drills so that you don't have to keep changing out your bits. You will need a countersink, screwdriver and drill bit that is slightly smaller than your screws. Three drills would be perfect.

Countersinking your screws are very important for a nice finished look. There is a how to tutorial on knockoffwood. I suggest you watch it before you try putting your pieces together.

After all the pieces were assembled I puttied all of the screw holes with wood filler. I am a great believer in caulk. Caulk gives a nice finished look to everything. I caulked all of the seams, sanded and got ready to paint.

I found just the finish I wanted at TheFrugaldesigner blog. She had a tutorial on doing a rubbed white finish with a turquoise underlayment. I liked the playfull but not over done finish and went to work. I used a tinted primer, sanded, two coats of turquois color and then 3 coats of white.

The last step was to gently sand away some of the white so the blue shows through. You sand areas that would naturally show wear. It's subtle But I am happy with it!

Did I mention I did it MYSELF!!!!

the basment before


The color on the walls is certainly celery. I took a piece of stampin ups certainly celery paper and had it color matched. It's perfect. Light , bright and perfect for a kid friendly space that I'm hoping the basement becomes.

A smaller but fun project was putting a seat in a nook that we have. No plans I just made it as I went along. First I made a 2x4 box for the frame. Set it into the nook area and attached it to the wall. Then I took 3/4 MDF and covered the front and top. Caulked, filled holes, sanded and painted!!

More pictures comming soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the great spring break basement redo

is in full swing!!

I love Pottery Barn Kids. I drool over every cataloge they send me. Unfortunatly I can't afford their stuff. So whem I found the blog - knock off wood- I was in heaven. Ana has put up simplified plans for all kinds of look a like stuff. If you have the guys at Home Depot or Lowes do the wood cutting all you need is a drill ( two would be easier) and a hammer! I have been making the Cameron wall system!

Here is a sneak peak.