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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Labor of Love

About the begining of November the kids started putting their Christmas wish lists together. Lydia decided she wanted a Camera. then The Toys R us Toy catalog came out and she saw a Barbie Doll House. The poor girl really wanted a camera but now she also really wanted a doll house for her Barbies. The next question was could Santa bring both? Um.... no that is out of Santas budget.

Mariah and Clarissa then hatched a plan. Lets make one for her. I stupidly agreed. I am now glad but I spent all of December on this doll house. I built, sewed and painted. They did about 10 % and I did 90%. But in the end it is fabulous and she now has a wood dollhouse that will last a long time.... maybe for grandchildre....?

Clarissa really wanted her to have a gift under the tree so she wrapped up a note. When she unwrapped it we directed her to the doll house hidden in the other room.

She has spent the whole day taking pictures with her camera and playing with her dolll house. Gi Joe even made a visit.