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Thursday, January 7, 2010

let your self go

I love to sit and read the Sunday Paper. It's even better if I get to do it with my pj's, fuzzy slippers and a warm cup of herbal orange tea. I always start with the funnies and then systematically go through each section. Last week in the opinion section one columnist talked about her retirement after 47 years as a journalist. She mentioned "letting herself Go" but not in the terms we normally think of when we say " wow she really let herself go" meaning whats up with the unkempt hair, the expanding waist line and the pajama pants at the grocery store. She meant letting go and imagining the possibilities that are open to her. I began to think about what it means to let your self go. What would I do, or accomplish if I was willing to let myself go? What fears would I let go of? What possibilities might I begin to see? How might I view life differently? Would I go back to school? Would I quilt more? Would I start a business? Open my own bookstore? What possibilities might you discover if YOU "let yourself go"?


Quiltgirl said...

Do I know you? I feel like I know you. I'd love to see some of your quilts... you quilt, right? you mentioned quilting more... Anyway, Cindy H is my SIL. I think it's interesting that you love the circus. My husband has to get his circus fix every year. this is the first year i've managed to beg off. You can beg off a lot when you are pregnant with your 7th child... so, have you decided what you are gonna do when you let yourself go? you can check out my blog when you get a minute:

Quiltgirl said...

hi. another comment. What would I do? For me, it's less of a matter of letting myself go and more of a matter of having unlimited time and resources. I would go to beauty school. I always wanted to but I went to college and got my MRS degree instead. And I would paint more and quilt. And go on a humanitarian mission... well after nursing school. And i would take some computer courses. Maybe I should become a vampire so i don't have to sleep and I have unlimited lifetimes. :). Ok. I have the connection now. Your husband was sort of a legend to me. I never really knew him (I'm sure we met) but his name is one I've always known.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Oh, Tina. Are you reading my mind? I have been pondering this for the last several weeks. What is next? Is my reluctance to do some things just because of fear (of doing too much/being overwhelmed), or not wanting to fail?
I was reading a book about making your creative dreams real and one of the first exercises was stating your creative dream. I couldn't thing of one. Seriously. I put the book down. It will be waiting for me when I figure out my dream.