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Thursday, April 23, 2009


On Sunday I was Released from my service as Relief Society President. I knew it was coming, I needed it to happen, I had been Relief Society President for 3 years almost to the day. And yet when they said the words in sacrament meeting. I began to cry. I cried through the whole meeting. Then I had to bear my testimony in RS and cried again. I was surprised by it, because I thought I was ready for it. The truth is I have a great love for every sister in my ward. I have been so blessed by serving these amazing women. I have been blessed to get to know sisters that I never would have gotten to know well. The three women in my presidency have become like sisters to me. I know I could call on them for anything! I have truly been blessed. I will miss every opportunity I had to love and serve. So now as I type the words I have been released I cry.


It Just Fitz said...

Oh, Tina. I know the women in your ward were doubly blessed to have you serve as their RS president. You are a person like none other. I'm sure each and every sister knew and knows how much you love them. And now it's time for you to let them show you how much they love you by loving and serving you and your family. Love and Best Wishes to you all!

Debbie said...

You don't know me; I came to your blog through another blog - you know how blogland is. I have gone through the same experience and I can tell you that the lessons you learned and the growth you made in your service the past three years will benefit you, your family, and your ward your entire life. You are changed forever. My best advice - take time right now to write as much as you can remember about the angel nudges and tender mercies you experienced.