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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How are you

Really I have no idea. I am constantly asked "How are you"
Me- Were good?
Them - No how are you
Me- Me? I don't know? I simply don't have time to think about me and how I feel . On Sunday someone asked me this and I started to cry. I really don't know. I'm so wrapped up emotionally in what is happening to Troy that I havn't stopped long enough to give some serious thought to how these things are affecting me. I'm not sure I want too.

Today during Troys Chemo we met a sweet couple. They were probably in their early 50's really not that old, maybe even younger. SHe came over to us and introduced her self and her husband. He has squamous cell carcinoma in the tongue. He has endured surgery, radiation and chemo and now the cancer is in his lungs. I felt so sad for her. Once it has metasisized like that it's the start of the end. As we left the infusion room, Troy simple said "he's dying" My heart just sunk. That poor family. Their youngest is 14. She was so serene as she talked about mortal life being full of trials, and the importance of relying on the lord. She told us that she and her husband think of it as their journey that they are on. She is an inspiration.

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