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Sunday, August 9, 2009

recovery and the next step

Troy has had a great recovery from surgery. He is really doing well. He can eat pretty much anything he wants. It is best to avoid stuff that has too much fiber and has too much sugar. So far mashed potatoes and gravy is his favorite. He is adapting and feeling good. He has lost some more weight and seems to have stabilized at 155. It is where he will probably stay. He needs new clothes.

Next up is radiation with some chemo. Starting tomorrow Monday the 10th, he will have 4 days of chemo with radiation and then 4 weeks of just radiation.

So when he gets his radiation he has to be in the same position each time. To make sure that happens he was put on a big blue bean bag. The bag is full of air and small pellets. Slowly the attendant lets out the air and shapes the beans around his body, making a cast of his body. Once all the air is out the bean bag is as hard as a rock and in the shape of his body. He will lie in the cast each time they give him radiation.

He also is now sporting three tattoos. Little dots, the Dr said he couldn't do stars. After radiation they will give him a two week rest and the awful 9 weeks of chemo will start. WE figure he will be done about Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to that day. Maybe we'll have a party! Everyones invited!

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froggybaby said...

I'm so glad things are going well. It is a long ordeal for your family. Thanks for the update.