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Friday, May 22, 2009

mourning with those who mourn

On Sunday, during sacrament meeting, the High Council speaker gave a sermon on service. It's a topic that I've been considering a lot. We have been recipients of lots of acts of service over the last 8 weeks. We have had meals brought to us. People have sent up numerous prayers, and have fasted in our behalf. We have received many plates of goodies. (much to the delight of my children) The youth came and weeded our garden. A neighbor saw me struggling with putting up our new tramp and came over to help. Our next door neighbor who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a week after Troys diagnosis looked up the ribbon colors for esophagus cancer and stomach cancer and made me a beautiful bracelet with those color beads. The colors if you are interested are periwinkle and light periwinkle. It was one of the most touching acts of service we have received. The list goes on. We recognize the love that is offered to us in each and every act of service.

In Mosiah 18 we are told to "mourn with those who mourn" and "comfort those in need of comfort" . It is easier to serve than to be served. Some of the service that has come our way has been hard to accept. It is hard to let your friends come in and clean your house. I was profoundly grateful. But also slightly embarrassed that I couldn't tend to all that needs to be done. I know I need help, but sometimes pride gets in the way. I have to remind myself that I am not super women. I've begun to wonder that as often as we are commanded to serve one another why we are so loath to let others serve us. Maybe we need a sermon about letting others serve us. Are we thwarting God's plan when keep to ourselves the trials we are going through. Do we deny ourselves the blessings that Heavenly Father would like to bless us with when we deny others the opportunity to fulfill God's commandment to love and serve each other. I wonder if part of the lesson of this trial is to learn to allow others to serve. To put away my pride and accept that I can't do it all and that Heavenly Father never intended for me to do it all by myself. Maybe it is part of learning to be humble. I have a long way to go. I'm still embarressed that my two sweet friends came and cleaned the boys bathroom, but I'm also gratefull for the amazing love that they have offered me!


froggybaby said...

I want you to know that we pray for you everyday. Every day. YOu have always been quick to serve others. I remember you watching my children as I went for my infusion and you didn't even know me. Sometime we get so used to being the givers, that we are suprised when we become the recievers. Love you!!

It Just Fitz said...

Tina - you are such a beautiful writer. I think that the Lord gives us opportunities to be served so that we will know how much we have blessed, or can bless the lives of others when we serve. It truly is the most Christlike thing we can do for one another. And you, my sweet friend, have been a master at the opportunity of serving others. Letting others have that same opportunity will become a blessing in your life and theirs as well.